The Connected Aircraft: Creating a Node for Maximum Optimization


How can airlines maximize their profits while improving workflows between pilots, ground maintenance and operations to increase productivity? Honeywell Forge for Airlines collects, cleans and analyzes streams of disparate data from a wide variety of airplane, airport, government and Honeywell sources, offering actionable insights and alerts that can help improve an airline’s understanding of its fleet, profitability and passenger experience.

Honeywell Forge for Airlines, which includes solutions for flight operations, flight efficiency and connected maintenance in a single user interface. Additionally, the suite of solutions can be scaled, allowing airlines of all sizes to tailor it to address their specific operational pain points, such as flight delays due to unexpected aircraft maintenance.

Applications included in Honeywell Forge for Airlines have already been implemented globally across a diverse range of airlines and aircraft, providing an immediate impact. Fuel savings of up to $200,000 per aircraft per year, as well as maintenance savings of up to $40,000 per aircraft per year may be realized with the use of Honeywell Forge for Airlines. This single, integrated software solution combines a broad range of individual aircraft and overall airline data into one easy-to-use and individually customizable dashboard.

In this free webinar, sponsored by Honeywell, you’ll come away with the following insights, and more:

  • Introduction to Honeywell Forge and the Connected Aircraft
  • What business problem does Honeywell Forge for Airlines solve?
  • Can The Connected Aircraft work for my fleet?
  • Additional benefits outside of the Connected Aircraft (BBITS, Ramp)
  • How to execute next steps


  • John Peterson | Vice President & General Manager, Software & Services, Honeywell Connected Enterprise
  • Julie Vasquez | Flight Efficiency Leader, Honeywell Connected Enterprise
  • Josh Melin | Product Line Director, Honeywell Forge Connected Maintenance, Honeywell Connected Enterprise
  • Kevin Calcagni, VP & CTO Engineering, Connected Aerospace, Honeywell Connected Enterprise


  • Woodrow Bellamy III, Editor-in-Chief, Avionics International


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