How to Exploit Real-Time Big Data to Optimize Aviation Operations

Cruising the Skies in Confidence

Thursday, April 23, 2020 | 11:00 AM EDT | Watch On-Demand

It’s estimated that 39 million flights were operated worldwide in 2019. Some industry experts predict that number will double by 2025. Congestion in the air traffic network is only one of the growing problems affecting airlines, passengers, and national air navigation services and regulators. When you add rising UAV trends, severe weather hazards, noise and air pollution issues, airport safety, and increased market competition into the equation, the painful realities of the aviation industry come clearly into focus.

Exploiting big data to optimize operations can provide answers to many of today’s top challenges and concerns. In this webinar, Hexagon’s experts will discuss and explore:

  • The Big Data Revolution in Aviation
  • How to Connect Hundreds of Data Types
  • Visualizing 2D and 3D Data Views in Real-Time
  • Analyzing Information on the Fly for Smarter Decision Making
  • Real-World Applications and Use Cases

For leaders and decision-makers to create sustainable plans for the aviation industry, they need the right tools and technologies. Join Avionics International and Hexagon and learn about approaches and applications that Hexagon’s aviation customers have successfully applied to overcome pressing industry challenges and streamline their daily operations.


Sebastiaan Helsen, Regional Presales Manager – Hexagon’s Geospatial Division

Sebastiaan Helsen leads the EMEA pre-sales team for Hexagon’s Geospatial division, which supports defining situational awareness solutions for all domains using Hexagon product portfolios. He is responsible for providing information on Hexagon products to the market and ensuring market information and trends are fed back into product development. In the aviation sector, this includes support for ANSP and ATM providers and solution providers. Helsen joined Hexagon in 2011 after finishing his studies as Master in Informatics at the University of Leuven in his home country, Belgium. He started with Hexagon as a pre-sales engineer focused on GIS and geospatial concepts and their application in various domains.


Woodrow Bellamy, Editor-in-Chief, Avionics International

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