Business Jet Connectivity, Flight Support and Maintenance Report

When equipping their aircraft with Internet, business aircraft owners or management companies buy the hardware and software necessary to facilitate Wi-Fi access onboard for their pilots and passengers at a fixed cost. But after the hardware is deployed, the owner or management company often can encounter higher-than-expected costs for data consumption.

When an operator considers new applications available in the market, how they will operate the aircraft connectivity service, what passengers and pilots will use connectivity for and how troubleshooting and maintenance will be managed, they can see the benefits of integrated systems and make wise economic choices for their investments going forward.

Download this report today and learn how new business jet satellite-based in-flight connectivity, integrated aircraft smartphone and tablet applications, and knowledge of connectivity usage can optimize multiple aspects of your flight operations, including:

  1. New mobile tablet and smartphone technologies, especially apps, are revolutionizing the way corporate flight departments can manage their flight support needs including gaining access to updated weather information, submitting flight plans, and optimizing overall aircraft flight operational performance.
  2. The difference between Ka vs. Ku-band satellite-based aircraft connectivity service and networks, as well as the limitations and advantages of each.
  3. What are the newest aircraft connectivity services, hardware and software available and who is providing what.
  4. What to expect in terms of costs associated with installing a new aircraft connectivity service on your aircraft, and managing the service and maintenance for that service.

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