Air Taxis and the Promise of “Urban Air Mobility”

The future of aviation and on-demand mobility is arriving rapidly, with groundbreaking advances in technology and airspace integration happening every week.

Stay tuned to this page for our ongoing coverage of the burgeoning electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi industry. Here are just a few of the main topics we’re focusing on below:

  • Can regulators match the rapid pace of private industry?
  • What infrastructure is necessary to launch a UAM ecosystem within a city?
  • How will eVTOLs safely and certifiably operate autonomously?
  • Will the public approve of multiple “air taxis” flying overhead at any given moment?
  • Is there enough demand for on-demand air mobility to justify the massive investment taking place?
  • What type of new and innovative avionics will be featured in next generation eVTOLs?


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