The Skyport: Your Guide to the World of Urban Air Mobility

Welcome to The Skyport, your portal to understanding the growing world of on-demand vertical flight.

We recently launched this in-depth newsletter focused on the evolving urban air mobility space and the wide array of technical, regulatory and infrastructure challenges associated with this burgeoning market.

Our editorial teams have been covering this sector non-stop, looking at evolving FAA drone regulations, new aircraft prototypes as they are unveiled, Uber’s search for the right vehicle to support its business strategy and much more.

Curated by Skyport Editor Brian Garrett-Glaser, this newsletter will be delivered to inboxes every other week in an easy-to-read, mobile-friendly format. It will contain the key points of news and analysis you can’t afford to miss, along with insider scoops and pretty pictures of aircraft. With this five-to-ten minute read, we’ll keep you up to speed on the evolving challenges and opportunities in the urban air mobility space.

The Skyport issues every other Thursday. If you’d like to sign up and be among the first to receive it, please fill out the brief form below so we can better understand our audience. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we hope you enjoy the newsletter.

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Happy vertical flying!

Brian Garrett-Glaser

Skyport Editor