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US Air Force Gives IMT Vislink $1.4 M Video Datalink Contract

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xG Technology subsidiary IMT Vislink was awarded a $1.4 million order to supply airborne video downlink solutions to the U.S Air Force. The contract calls for the supply of transmit-and-receive systems, ground-based units designed to display real-time video imagery taken by aerial assets,  accessories and training.

Last November, IMT Vislink received an order to supply similar systems to the Army for $12.5 million, which included lightweight hand-held receivers for displaying real-time video transmitted from the air. That contract, which itself was the third such deal in the last five years, had a planned completion date in 2020.

IMT Vislink downlink technology is built around an air-to-anywhere philosophy that allows real-time video to be collected, distributed and managed across all deployed assets. President John Payne IV called the latest contract "a testament to the decades of experience we have built providing robust and secure wireless video communications and mission-critical solutions for use by defense, homeland security and law enforcement organizations across the U.S. and around the world.”

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