VISA Invitation

Visa Invitation Letter

Request your letter of invitation and make your appointment for a visa interview early. Wait times for a visa interview can be several weeks or more in many countries, especially during peak travel periods. With this in mind, you are strongly urged to place your request for a letter of invitation to attend Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit as soon as possible.

Here are some tips to make your visa interview successful:

1. Fill out the VISA Request Letter for the Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit. The sooner you fill out your letter of invitation, the better, as it may take longer to apply for a visitor visa.

2. Schedule an appointment with your embassy as soon as you receive your visa. Make your appointment early as wait times can be long in some countries. Please request your letter of invitation before you make your appointment and make sure you have your letter available for your interview.

3. Verify fees and requirements. Click here to find out about visa fees and methods of payment accepted by the embassy or consulate. The website also contains information on other requirements such as photographs

4. Show proof of “strong ties” that bind you to your country of residence. The consular officers conducting interviews look for proof that you will return to your country. Evidence of “strong ties” includes proof of business ownership or employment, and social and family relationships. If you have traveled to the U.S. previously, provide documentation demonstrating that you returned to your country on time. Use an airline ticket stub or boarding pass to show your return flight or meeting materials that show you attended a business conference as proof that you returned within the time frame you stated.

5. With your application, include any materials Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit may have sent you. Include with your application any printed conference materials you received from the Summit to prove that the conference and exhibition is a legitimate business event.

6. Present your entire trip itinerary with your application. Include any plans you may have to travel to any country other than the United States, at the time of visa application.

Helpful quick links from the U.S. Department of State

1. U.S. Visa Center

2. Learn how to apply for a Business-Related (B-1) Visitor Visa

3. Find your Country’s Embassies and Consulates to find out how to make an interview appointment, pay the visa application fee, and much more.

4. Learn more about Business Travel to the United States on a visitor visa

5. Frequently asked questions

6. To estimate how long you will have to wait to get an interview appointment to apply for a visa, please go to the Visa Wait Time Website.