2023 Speakers

  • Glen Allmendinger

    Founder and President
    Harbor Research
  • Bobby Anderson

    Vice President/General Manager for Commercial Aviation
    Shift5 Inc
  • Seth Babcock

    Associate Director, Tech Ops Solutions & Data Analytics
    Collins Aerospace
  • Natalia Vargas Bejarano

    Director, Aftermarket Product and Digital Strategy & PMO
  • Kim Blakely

    Senior Manager, Flight Operations, CNS Pgm and Tech
    United Airlines
  • Andy Borgyos

    Senior Product Manager
    GE Aerospace
  • Ronald van der Breggen

    Chief Commercial Officer
    Rivada Space Network
  • Dylan Browne

    Global Head of Mobility Business Development
    Amazon (Project Kuiper)
  • Mark Canada

    Dialexa (an IBM Company)
  • Tassio Carvalho

    Senior Manager, AI/ML
    American Airlines
  • Dan Chambers

    Applications Architect
  • Colin Connor

    Adversary Investigations & Analysis Manager
  • Andrew Drake

    Manager, Aviation Cybersecurity
  • Paul Freud

    Satcom User Terminal Products
    Ball Aerospace
  • Daniel Gizinski

    Chief Strategy Officer
    Comtech Telecommunications Corp
  • Norm Haughton

    Director, In-Flight Digital Entertainment, Wi-Fi, Media Sales & Analytics
    Air Canada
  • Nate Hicks

    Vice President, Product Management
    GE Digital
  • Vance Hilderman

    Founder, CEO, and CTO
    Afuzion, Inc.
  • Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil

    Senior Consultant
    Harbor Research
  • David Jones

    Engineering Manager, Avionics Security Assurance
  • Brian Kirby

    Senior Technical Product Manager
  • Peter Lemme

    Chief Consultant
    Seamless Air Alliance
  • Thomas Locke

    Chief Technology Officer
    GlobalReach Technologies
  • Jack Mandala

    Chief Executive Officer
    Seamless Air Alliance
  • Brittany McSweeny

    Senior CX Connectivity Consultant
    Southwest Airlines
  • Jon Merritt

    Associate Director, Flight Deck & Electronic Flight Bag Applications
    Collins Aerospace
  • Hector Morales

    Acting Air Traffic Organization’s (ATO) Cybersecurity Group (ACG) Manager
    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Mark Nash

    Head of Commercial Roaming
    Panasonic Avionics Corporation
  • Steve Newell

    Vice President of Aviation
    ESpace Networks
  • André Patrick

    Manager, In-Flight Wi-Fi & Analytics
    Air Canada
  • John Peterson

    Executive Director of Aviation
    Iridium Communications
  • Bret Peyton

    Managing Director Standards, Fleet & Operational Control
    Alaska Airlines
  • Brent Prokosh

    Senior Consultant
  • Daniela Ramos

    Head of On Board Sales and Service, In-Flight Entertainment & Global Catering
  • Sean Reilly

    Vice President, Air Transport Management & Digital Solutions
    SmartSky Networks
  • Ray Rennert

    New Product Development Program Manager
    Gulfstream Aerospace
  • Chase Richardson

    Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Lead Principal
  • Chris Roberts

    Chief Information Security Officer
    Boom Supersonic
  • Mary Rogozinski

    Director of Business Development - Aviation, Transportation
    NetForecast, Inc.
  • Angela Saffin

    Portfolio Leader, Analytics Solutions, Digital Aviation Solutions
    Boeing Global Services
  • Philippe Schleret

    Vice President, Aviation
  • Kim Silander

  • Jason Sperry

    Head of Business Aviation
  • Ryan Stone

    SmartSky Networks, LLC
  • Avi Tenenbaum

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Allan Twigg

    Director, Flight Operations
    United Airlines
  • Jasmin Utter

    General Manager Region Americas
    Scandinavian Airlines
  • Angela Vargo

    Head of Brand Marketing
    Breeze Airways
  • Sean Yarborough

    Vice President, Product Management
    ST Engineering iDirect, Inc.