2023 Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit Presentations

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The following presentations were approved for distribution to attendees by the speakers. Click on the speaker names to view the PDF presentations.

Opening Keynote: AI Accelerates Transformation in Aviation
Tassio Carvalho, Senior Manager, AI/ML, American Airlines

Onboard Intelligence and the New Horizon of Observability
Bobby Anderson, Vice President/General Manager for Commercial Aviation, Shift5 Inc

Exploring the Balancing Act: Integrating Connectivity and Security in Aviation Operations
Andrew Drake, Manager, Aviation Cybersecurity, NetJets

Make Machine-Learning and Predictive Maintenance Part of Your Daily Operation
Angela Saffin, Portfolio Leader, Analytics Solutions, Digital Aviation Solutions, Boeing Global Services

Unleashing the Potential: Exploring the Impact of AI/ML Technologies in the Aviation
Jon Merritt, Associate Director, Flight Deck & Electronic Flight Bag Applications, Collins Aerospace

Keynote: Flying in the Face of Predictive Analytics: Making Sense of the Data Swamp
Chris Roberts, Chief Information Security Officer, Boom Supersonic

Market Insights Unveiled: Analysts and Influencers Discuss Trends, Forecasts, and Outlook for the Future of the Airline Industry
Glen Allmendinger, Founder and President, Harbor Research
Mary Rogozinski, Director of Business Development – Aviation, Transportation, NetForecast, Inc.

How to Make Advanced Air Mobility Affordable to Achieve Large Sustainability Wins
Kim Silander, Founder, Kookiejar

Driving Success in Aviation: Seamless Air Alliance Returns to Address Key Industry Challenges and Empower Airlines
Jack Mandala, Chief Executive Officer, Seamless Air Alliance

Keynote Address: Are We Shifting Left Enough?
Hector Morales, Acting Air Traffic Organization’s Cybersecurity Group Manager, Federal Aviation Administration

Connected Operations, Training/Simulation, and Smart Aircraft
Andy Borgyos, Senior Product Manager, GE Aerospace

Securing the Skies: Cyber Experts Unveil Emerging Threat Trends and Strategies for Safeguarding Aviation Data
Vance Hilderman, Founder, CEO, and CTO, Afuzion, Inc.