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By | January 1, 2001
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SN3308-Compatible Gyro

Sandel Avionics and Mid-Continent Instruments have jointly introduced the Mid-Continent 4305-100 remote directional gyro. This TSO-approved gyro provides the basic heading stabilization for the SN3308 electronic HSI/moving map. The gyro also provides a built-in solid-state 400-Hz inverter signal for the flux gate excitation. For more information, phone Sandel at 877-726-3357, 760-727-4900, or visit; or phone Mid-Continent Instruments at 800-821-1212, 316-630-0101, or visit

Seven New Switching Modules

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced seven switching modules that will help provide throughput gains for electronic, radio frequency and optical test systems. The Agilent 3499A/B switch family now allows test engineers to choose from 26 switching and control modules and two mainframes as they configure test systems. Customers can choose from 26 plug-in modules to switch 1310/1550 nm optical signals, as well as electronic signals from DC to 26 GHz, 1 mV to 1000 V, and 1 mA to 8 A. Pricing starts at $1,000 and modules are available now. Information about Agilent can be found on the Web at, or for sales inquiries, phone 800-452-4844, ext. 7274.

Keyboard/Pointer Mouse

Stacoswitch has introduced the Series M716 molded elastomer technology panel-mount QWERTY keyboard and pointer mouse, designed for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications. The devices are PS/2 compatible and may be lighted. The sealed keyboard was designed to resist dust and water to NEMA-4 rating. Phone 714-549-3041, or visit for details.

Regional AFIRS

AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (AMS) announced the development of a new automated flight information reporting system (AFIRS) for the regional aircraft market. The system autonomously monitors aircraft usage and maintenance parameters and reports them via e-mail through low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites or cellular phone connection. AMS says it has spent two years developing the AFIRS system, which is scheduled to be released on Bombardier regional aircraft in the early second quarter of this year. The system also will be configured for other aircraft types, built by Fairchild-Dornier, BAE and Embraer. For further information, phone 403-250-9956, or send e-mail inquiries to [email protected].

ARINC 573/717 Tester

Ballard Technology has released its ARINC 573/717 handheld tester (model HT717-1) for test and maintenance of aircraft systems that are tied to the digital flight data recorder. This self-contained handheld tester displays the user-specified data received from the digital flight data acquisition unit (DFDAU) or data recorder. When connected to an ARINC 573 or 717 databus, the HT717-1 automatically senses and adjusts to the bit rate, then synchronizes to the sync words in the serial data stream. For more information, see

Conduction-Cooled Frames

APW Electronic Solutions offers its new, conduction-cooled frames for circuit boards that require cooling in severe environments and where convection cooling is not possible. The component area is customized, and the assembly consists of a conduction-cooled frame, backing plate, insulator, ejectors/injectors and wedgelocks. Configuration for compliance to IEEE 1101.2 and VITA 30.1 also are available. For details, phone 858-375-2323, or send e-mail to [email protected].

Modular Test Boards

Excalibur Systems has introduced a new generation of modular test boards: the EXC-4000PCI, EXC-1553PC/Px and the EXC-1553P104/Px. The EXC-4000PCI permits up to 10 channels of ARINC and/or RS communications on a single board and is available in PCI, cPCI, VME and VXI formats, holding up to four modules. The EXC-1553PC/Px interface board for PC compatible computers (ISA bus) supports one or two dual-redundant 1553 channels and is compatible with all common variations of Mil-Std-1553. The EXC-1553P104/Px board for PC/104 compatible computers supports one or two dual-redundant 1553 channels. Visit for more information.

ANR Headset

SoftComm Products Inc. has introduced the Centurion, Model C-100, automatic noise reducing (ANR) headset. Unlike most other ANR headsets, there is no external power source requirement. The system operates off of the radio’s microphone voltage. No power cords, batteries or recharging is required. In the event of power failure, a built-in fail-safe system automatically converts the headset into a full performance -24 db passive headset. For more information, visit

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