JetBlue Pilots Swap Paper for iPads

By gguarino | June 26, 2013
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JetBlue became the latest airline to begin replacing pilots' paper flight manuals with iPads, announcing FAA approval for iPad-based electronic flight bags (EFB) on Wednesday. 
The airline has already begun distributing iPads to all 2,500 of its pilots, after completing a trial phase with about 60 pilots. The iPads will add new capabilities, such as the Comply365 app, which features real-time data about aircraft performance, weight and balance calculations. 
"We are one step closer to a paperless cockpit," said Jeff Martin, senior vice president of operations for JetBlue. "The iPads will have real-time weather capability and the ability to update safety and flight documents securely. We expect to add digital chart capability, once it is approved." 
All pilots will be trained to use apps for real-time weather, pre-flight planning and digital airport and aircraft charts. 

American Airlines was also recently given FAA approval to use iPads during all phase of flight, an approval that JetBlue has not yet obtained.  

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