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‘Loss of Control’ Tops NBAA List of Safety Focus Areas for 2017

By Staff Writer | March 27, 2017
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Each year, the National Business Aviation Assn. (NBAA) holds a risk-assessment meeting in which the NBAA Safety Committee reviews safety survey results, risk-based safety data, and qualitative input from industry and regulatory partners, other NBAA committees and association members. After deliberation, NBAA releases its “Top Safety Focus” areas, which are meant to be viewed by business aircraft operators as primary risk-mitigation targets. The 2017 list is comprised of the following:

  • Loss of control inflight (LOC-I)
  • Runway excursions
  • Single-pilot accident rate
  • Procedural non-compliance
  • Ground handling collisions
  • Distractions
  • Scenario- and risk-based training and checking
  • Airspace complexities

“The safety focus areas identified by the Safety Committee underscore the most significant aircraft operations-related risks challenging our industry,” says David Ryan, chairman of NBAA’s Safety Committee. “Based on NBAA’s Safety Policy, our team is committed to continue collaborating with regulators, members and other industry stakeholders to develop tools and best practices that address these challenges head-on. The committee will also continue to monitor its progress and effectiveness through our safety assurance function.”

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