Gogo, Phasor Enter Productization Phase in Development Partnership

Gogo’s test plane, the Jimmy Ray. Photo: Gogo

Gogo and Phasor’s development partnership has achieved its initial core-technology performance objectives and will progress to the productization phase.

During the next phase, the technology will be packaged as an airborne terminal to address the commercial aviation market.

Phasor’s very low-profile Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA) aims to enhance the delivery of high-bandwidth airborne connectivity services. The antenna is solid-state, with no moving parts, eliminates several components associated with traditional connectivity solutions, and allows dual satellite signals to be tracked electronically.

The ESA can be flat or conformal in form and is designed to be well-suited for traditional Geostationary Orbit (GSO) satellite networks, High Throughput Satellites (HTS), as well as Non-Geostationary (NGSO) satellite networks.

“We identified the promise of Phasor’s innovative solution due to a range of factors, including its multi-constellation capabilities and form factor,” said Gogo CEO Oakleigh Thorne. “We see a number of potential applications for this technology, with initial applicability targeted at smaller commercial aviation aircraft. We are pleased with the progress to-date and look forward to continuing our partnership during the next development phase.”


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