New Honeywell Router Prioritizes Portability and Price

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Honeywell is expanding its industry-leading range of connected aircraft offerings with the launch of its newest connectivity solution, the GoDirect Router. The router focuses on portability and price in an easy-to-install package.

The GoDirect router maximizes available onboard Wi-Fi bandwidth and enables a reliable, in-flight wireless connection on any network. Because of its much smaller size, the GoDirect router can be installed virtually anywhere in a plane, often in less than one hour. In addition, installing two routers next to each other provides a Wi-Fi backup and improves the reliability and quality of connectivity to users.

The new router provides the same access to Honeywell’s GoDirect software and services as on Honeywell’s larger CNX-900. It also include a threat detection, increasing security and privacy. The GoDirect router is an upgrade for Honeywell’s existing CNX-250, CNX-200 and other Satcom Direct routers.

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