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Garmin Aims to Ease Pilot Burden with GFC 600H Flight Control System

By Nick Zazulia | February 28, 2018
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The Garmin GFC 600H is compatible with the rest of the company's offerings.

Garmin has released an attitude-based flight control system that can function both on its own or in conjunction with G500H and G500H TXi displays and tools.

The system, the GFC 600H, will feature stability augmentation, helicopter electronic stability and protection, a return-to-level mode and hover assist, according to Garmin.

Most of these systems are either automated (such as return-to-level functionality) or pilot-assist functions that make a pilot’s job easier (stability augmentation) or protect against pilot error by exerting corrective force if they detect the need (such as electronic stability and protection).

Garmin said this is all in pursuit of lowering pilot workload, fatigue and stress.

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