New A320 Interior Includes More Space, Modular IFE Platform

By Staff Writer | June 19, 2017
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Airbus Airspace cabin of A320neo. Photo courtesy of Airbus

Airbus has launched a new A320 interior, the manufacturer said. Elements of the design include:

  • The Airspace Bin, which Airbus said is “the largest overhead storage compartment in its class. It has room for eight bags, including bigger and heavier bags that can be stowed vertically
  • “Iconic” ceiling lighting that starts at the entrance
  • Sidewall panels that have one more inch at shoulder level
  • New window bezel that Airbus said gives a similar feel to the A350
  • New lavatory design that features colored mood lighting, antibacterial coatings, automatic aroma dispensers, sound and optional touch-less options
  • Colored LED lighting that can use 16.4 million color options throughout the cabin
  • Harmonized door surround, with lines of the frames matching the Airspace design of the A350 XWB and A330neo

“The A320 offers airlines 40% more volume for their passengers’ bags, accommodating larger carry-on bag dimensions than competing single-aisle airliners,” said Ingo Wuggetzer, VP of cabin marketing. “More overhead space means quicker boarding times, a value-add for passenger and a better overall experience.”

The interior also features a modular in-flight entertainment platform with overhead video and in-seat audio/video on demand. There would also be in-seat power, wireless flexible connectivity and mobile telephone. The full package is set for 2020. It would be available for retrofit.

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