Fenix Group ‘Beats Google’ at Drone 4G Cell Phone Towers

By Staff Writer | April 3, 2017
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Fenix Group/Martin UAV Flying Cell Tower

Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Fenix Group Inc.

Fenix Group Inc. and Martin UAV have launched a small unmanned aerial system (UAS) capable of providing fully functional 4G cell phone service in what Fenix Group said “may be a world’s first.”

“When we first conceived the project, we knew we had to make it a priority. The market is just there for this right now and Martin UAV immediately understood that. Beyond tactical closed networks for DoD at huge cost savings over what is currently being fielded, the marriage of unmanned systems with LTE core networks is representative of what Google was trying to do with their Loon program,” said Dave Peterson, Fenix Group’s president and CEO. “We beat Google at something, for very little money, and that feels great.”

Based in Virginia, Fenix Group is a private technology firm that supports the defense industry. Texas-based Martin UAV manufactures utility drones.

The solution the companies created provides a coverage area on the ground and has the ability to stream encrypted video from the camera system to anyone on the network. They also enabled internet access. Fenix Goup said it visualizes soldiers, search and rescue teams, and first responders using the flying cell phone towers.

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