IOT Vendor Teams Up to Expand RTOS Support for MIPS CPU

By Staff Writer | March 16, 2017
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Internet of things vender Green Hills Software and tech company Imagination Technologies have expanded Green Hills tools support for MIPS CPUs, Green Hills says. The support would also be available to the Green Hills Integrity real time operating system for the MIPS 16400 CPU.

“This latest development builds on the already broad compiler and tool support we offer for MIPS architectures and cores,” says Tim Reed, VP of Advanced Products for Green Hills Software. “The combination of Integrity with the MIPS I6400 provides a compelling value proposition. We’re delighted to support joint customers in implementing the most reliable and secure MIPS-based solutions.”

The Integrity RTOS is the flagship of Green Hills Software operating systems. It uses hardware memory protection to isolate and protect embedded applications by creating secure partitions. The 64-bit MIPS I6400 CPU features real time hardware virtualization capability. Also featuring simultaneous multi-threading, benefits of security by isolation while minimizing context switching overhead can be provided when combined with virtualization.

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