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Viking Looks to Modernize Aerial Firefighting Avionics

Viking has launched an avionics upgrade program centered around the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion avionics suite.

Three years after acquiring the aircraft model type certificates, Viking Air Limited is looking to modernize the cockpits of in-service and in-production Canadair aerial firefighting aircraft.

Under a newly launched avionics upgrade program, the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics suite will be the centerpiece of the new Canadair CL-215T and CL-415 cockpits. According to Viking Air, the upgrades will introduce three large liquid crystal displays and a scaleable software-based system.

The upgraded Pro Line avionics feature a flight director, flight management system, terrain awareness warning system and synthetic vision. New options have also been introduced to include a satellite communications system, weather radar, auto-pilot and a flight data monitoring and reporting system from ACR Electronics subsidiary Latitude Technologies.

“This system will also form the basis for any new production aircraft, allowing for seamless interoperability and maintainability between new and legacy aircraft,” said Gregory Davis, vice president of customer service for Viking.

Canadair CL-415s. Photo: Viking Air

Viking acquired the type certificates for all variants of Canadair CL-215Ts and CL-415s from Bombardier, assuming responsibility as the aircraft original equipment manufacturer and in-service support provider in 2016. The Canadian manufacturer also produces the Series 400 Twin Otter and owns original type certification for out of production de Havilland aircraft as well.

There are an estimated 165 Canadair aerial firefighters flying in 11 countries today.

“We’re confident that not only will the Collins Pro Line Fusion Avionics suite help address the obsolescence issues and new regulatory requirements currently facing operators of CL-215T and CL-415 aircraft, it will also extend operators’ fleet longevity for many years to come,” said Dan Seroussi, customer service program director for Viking Air.

Canadair operators install the upgrade as one complete modification or as a parts kit through Viking-approved maintenance repair organizations.


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