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Gulfstream’s Fourth G500 Takes Flight

By Juliet Van Wagenen | February 22, 2016
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Gulfstream’s G500 test aircraft
Gulfstream’s G500 test aircraft. Photo: Gulfstream

[Avionics Today 02-22-2016] Gulfstream Aerospace’s fourth Gulfstream G500 test aircraft, T4, has completed its first flight and officially joined the G500 flight-test program. T4’s first flight also represents the first time Gulfstream has integrated a team of product support maintenance technicians with the flight test team to follow the aircraft through manufacturing and flight testing. The integration aims to enhance the support available to operators when the aircraft enters service.

The next and fifth G500 test aircraft, P1, has been delivered to the Savannah Completions Center, where it will become a fully outfitted production aircraft that will be used to test the interior elements as well as the integration of aircraft systems with the passenger experience.

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