New Data Plan Introduced for General Aviation Market

By gguarino | July 29, 2014
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[Avionics Today July 29, 2014] Honeywell subsidiary BendixKing introduced what it believes is an “affordable” new data plan for its AeroWave 100 In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) system for General Aviation (GA) aircraft. Under the new data plan, operators have the option to purchase IFC in blocks of 3,000 minutes. 
BendixKing’s AeroWave 100. Photo, courtesy of BendixKing. 
The AeroWave 100 features connection speeds of up to 104 Kbps on a low-gain antenna. The new pricing model charges customers based on hours of use rather than making them guess the amount of data they’re using. 
In addition to passenger connectivity, AeroWave 100 also enables pilot connectivity to weather services and flight planning tools, the company said. 
“With the data plan for AeroWave 100, we eliminated the ridiculously expensive price barrier for obtaining in-flight connectivity for the light jet and turboprop market,” said Kevin Gould, president of BendixKing. “Delivering real, usable Internet connectivity for under $40 per hour completely changes the market. Our customers asked for simplicity and affordability, and we delivered.”

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