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Avidyne Offers ADS-B Traffic Surveillance Systems

By | April 11, 2013
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Avidyne is making good use of its involvement in the FAA-funded Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness with Alerts (TSAA) program, as it announced the release of its Traffic Advisory Systems with ADS-B In capability. 
The avionics manufacturer's TAS605A, TAS615A and TAS620A systems combines its VeriTAS technology, which provides a "true traffic picture for pilots" with ADS-B to provide a new collision avoidance solution for general aviation pilots. 
In July 2012, Avidyne and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were awarded a three-year grant to study ADS-B under the FAA's TSAA program. The final results of the study will impact the MOPS for Aircraft Surveillance Applications described in DO-317 and a revision to TSO-C195.


“Through the TSAA program, we have defined the industry-standard algorithms for conflict detection, and also for reducing false alerts and nuisance alerts in high-traffic airport and approach environments for aircraft using ADS-B, and Avidyne will be first to implement these in our ADS-B products," said Avidyne President and CEO Dan Schwinn.  

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