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navAero Completes EFB iPad Testing

By Tish Drake | August 5, 2013

NavAero has completed electromagnetic interference and rapid decompression testing for fourth-generation iPad tablet computers.
According to the company, the RTCA DO160 Section G testing is a value-added service that will allow them to achieve paperless cockpit operational approval of iPad devices as a Class 2 EFB and navAero iPad/Tablet electronic flight bag (EFB) hardware installations.
“This enhanced capability of our [research and development] department shows our dedication and focus on providing value-added customer services as well as our embrace of the aviation industry’s acceptance of adapting tablet devices to function as Class 2 EFBs,” said Simone Giordano, navAero group vice president for sales and marketing.

Giordano said navAero will soon provide test results for other kinds of tablets.

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