US Air Force To Let AI Handle Software Certification

By Matthew Beinart | April 25, 2018
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Lauren Knausenberger. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force is readying an announcement it has completed a new initiative to automate the process of approving commercial software, as officials look to speed up the deployment of new capabilities and automate more of the force’s IT workload.

Lauren Knausenberger, the Air Force’s director of cyberspace innovation, told attendees at an AFCEA IT conference Friday that the service is ready to begin implementing a new system for granting automated authorization to operate certifications for approved agile software products.

“One of the major roadblocks that I’ve been focused on, especially over the last six months, is the way that we accredit software in systems within the Air Force. I was just scratching my head as to how we can spend so much time producing thick piles of paperwork that don’t actually make our system more secure,” Knausenberger said. “A victory that we can hopefully declare in the coming days is the process of automatically granting ATO for products that are developed internally in an agile way using security standards that are backed in.”

The new initiative, called Kessel Run, automates the process of testing and new agile software for warfighters while reducing the amount of documentation needed for approval.

“This team is smuggling agile software development into the Air Force, and has done some really wonderful work,” Knausenberger said. “Within the next week, we’ll be able to announce that the project has the ability to produce...

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