Thales and AURA AERO to Develop Connected Avionics Solutions for Regional Aviation

By Jessica Reed | February 28, 2023
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AURA AERO signed an agreement with Thales to collaborate on the development of a new connected avionics solution for electric and hybrid-electric regional aircraft. (Photo: AURA AERO)

AURA AERO signed an agreement this month with Thales to collaborate on the development of a new connected avionics solution for regional aviation. These efforts will help to adapt electric and hybrid aircraft operations to the airspace.

AURA AERO initiated a project to develop a 19-passenger hybrid-electric aircraft for regional transportation that only requires 800 meters to take off. The project aims to conduct the first flight with its electric regional aircraft, or ERA, in 2024, with entry into service expected in 2027.

Thales and AURA will be coordinating to develop a global avionics suite that is specifically designed for the ERA. Objectives include creation of a cockpit solution, a digital platform, and a secure land-air connectivity solution.

The FlytX flight deck system developed by Thales (Photo: Thales)

"The development of decarbonized aviation is not limited to propulsion systems. It also requires many other innovations including the avionics," remarked Jérémy Caussade, co-founder and President of AURA AERO, in the announcement.

Jean-Paul Ebanga, VP Flight Avionics at Thales, also commented on the agreement with AURA, saying, “The FlytX cockpit system is the ideal solution to support the revolution of uses proposed by AURA AERO. We are happy to participate in the ERA project, a project that takes advantage of the technological investments which we have made these past years and contributes to paving the way towards a safe and sustainable electric regional aviation.”

FlytX enables new features—SVS (synthetic vision system), Digital Map, and new navigation HSI (horizontal situation indicator).

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