FAA Approves Viasat’s Ka-Band IFC for Gulfstream G450 Aircraft

Viasat recently shared that the Federal Aviation Administration approved its Ka-band in-flight connectivity solution for Gulfstream G450 aircraft. The supplemental type certificate granted by the FAA means that Viasat’s Ka-band connectivity system is available on more than 20 platforms now.

For Viasat’s Ka-band network for business aviation, a single aircraft can easily use more than 1 GB per hour. Data usage is primarily driven by streaming and browsing. The satellite network capacity that Viasat offers has been developed to accommodate future broadband demand.

Gulfstream G450 (Photo: Camber)

Viasat’s Wi-Fi solution is in demand for operators of Gulfstream G450 aircraft that hope to enable consistent and high-quality in-flight video conferencing, streaming, and access to corporate VPNs for passengers.

More than 90% of business aviation routes are covered by Viasat’s Ka-band network, according to Claudio D’Amico, business area director for Business Aviation at the company. “Our solution is a great fit for operators that want fast, reliable connectivity that matches the long-range profile of this aircraft,” D’Amico explained in the company’s announcement.

Viasat’s MRO dealer network allows operators of Gulfstream G450 aircraft to secure the Ka-band IFC kit—which includes a custom radome.

According to the company, Viasat’s Global Aero Terminal 5510 hardware kit that enables broadband IFC communicates with the Ka-band satellite network. The 5510 will also be compatible with Viasat’s next-gen ViaSat-3 constellation—three satellites that are expected to offer the highest-capacity broadband once launched.

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