PODCAST: Angela Vargo, VP of Marketing for JSX – SmartSky’s Launch Customer

California-based JSX, formerly JetSuiteX, is the launch customer for SmartSky’s upcoming air to ground in-flight connectivity network.

The public charter provider operates more than 330 flights out of seven airports, with a fleet of Embraer 135s and 145s. JSX is the public charter division of private charter operator JetSuite, and focuses on providing short haul flights at prices that compete with commercial airline business cabin fares.

SmartSky expects its air to ground network to become fully operational by the end of the year, and when they do, JSX will be the first operator flying with their connectivity onboard.

For the latest episode of the Connected Aircraft Podcast, we caught up with Angela Vargo, vice president of marketing at JSX, to learn what they’ve been doing to prepare for the launch of the new high speed in-flight connectivity technology.

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