Airbus to Provide Predictive Maintenance Platform to EasyJet

After a three-year trial between the companies, a five-year agreement will keep easyJet using Airbus’ Skywise platform for predictive maintenance. Photo courtesy of easyJet

Airbus has signed a five-year agreement with easyJet to provide predictive maintenance services for its entire fleet, comprised of nearly 300 Airbus aircraft.

The maintenance plan relies on the European manufacturer’s Skywise data platform which will allow easyJet engineers to intervene early and replace parts ahead of failure, thereby preventing passengers from experiencing delays and cancellations.

“Our investment in the Skywise platform can really make a tangible difference for thousands of passengers by harnessing the power of big data to reduce delays,” said easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren.

The new technology builds on extensive trials of the Skywise platform with EasyJet over the last three years. Skywise can now analyze data from additional components on easyJet’s aircraft thanks to the installation of Airbus’ newly released flight operations and maintenance exchanger FOMAX — which collects 60 times more data than existing systems.

The new equipment will be fitted on easyJet’s fleet by summer 2019.

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