Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Efficiency is an All-in-One Operator Optimization Tool

Honeywell GoDirect

Honeywell’s GoDirect offerings have expanded with the aim of including everything operators and maintainers need. Photo courtesy of Honeywell

Honeywell has released a new integrated service to allow deeper levels of visibility into airlines’ operating environments.

The offering, GoDirect Flight Efficiency, allows airlines to make strategic decisions on flight operations and planning by gathering all flight variables into one place, including flight plans, weather, navigation charts, aircraft performance and optimized fuel usage.

GoDirect Flight Efficiency provides up-to-date information to airlines and pilots for informed decision-making during all phases of flight. For airlines and passengers, the result is fewer turbulent flights that more often arrive on time and use less fuel.

“Based on customer feedback, having access to one location where all data is stored … is invaluable in making informed flight and operations decisions,” said Honeywell’s Michael Edmonds. “GoDirect Flight Efficiency allows airline operators to do just that. For example, pilots are able to view shortcut routes during flight and receive recommendations on climb speeds and cruise altitudes to save fuel. Maintainers can also more closely monitor aircraft performance based on specific airports and flight paths.”

The solution can scale based on fleet size. Airlines using the service have experienced fuel savings up to 5% and have been able to reduce short-haul flights by an average of 1.1 nm and long-haul flights by an average of 3.5 nm, according to Honeywell.

The GoDirect service is currently available for purchase on a subscription basis that can be scaled to the size of an airline’s needs and budget.

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