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UPS, Boeing 757 Hacking and More Top Avionics Articles of 2017

By S.L. Fuller | January 1, 2018
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We write a multitude of articles over the course of a year. Between our daily website content and our print magazine — along with other special projects — there are many options for readers to click. But according to our analytics, there are 10 stories that were most popular among readers. These are the 10 most-read articles of 2017.

Airbus A350-1000 cockpit. Photo: Airbus.

10. New Approaches to Developing Avionics Software

Kicking off our list is an article from the October/November issue of Avionics. New Approaches to Developing Avionics Software” details how embedded technologies are changing the way avionics software is developed.

9. UPS to Upgrade Boeing 757, 767 Cockpits

In May, Avionics Editor-in-Chief Woodrow Bellamy III wrote about UPS’ new upgrade program for its fleet of Boeing 757s and 767s. The operator planned to bring the Boeing 787-style suite to the legacy aircraft.

Image courtesy of Southwest Airlines

8. Southwest’s 1st 737 Max 8

In August, Southwest Airlines was preparing to receive its first Boeing 737 Max 8 under an accelerated modernization plan. Southwest would also be saying “goodbye” to its last “classic” 737s. With those aircraft retiring, the airline would remove the last non-Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft from its fleet.

Jeppesen displays its electronic flight bag services during Navy League's Sea-Air-Space Expo 2017.

Jeppesen displays its electronic flight bag services during Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Expo 2017.

7. The Integrated Cockpit: Fueling App Growth for Airlines

In seventh place on our list of most-read articles in one from Anne Wainscott-Sargent. Appearing in the February/March issue of Avionics, this article explores electronic flight bags and their gaining popularity.

MQ-1B Predator, MQ-9 Reaper

An MQ-1B Predator, left, and an MQ-9 Reaper taxi to the runway in preparation for takeoff. U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Christian Clausen

6. A Day in the Life of a US Air Force Drone Pilot

There’s a new kind of pilot in the military — one that can fly from half way across the globe. In this article, we detail the daily routine of U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. James Klein, a General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. MQ-1 Predator pilot.

Image from file

5. The Cost of ADS-B and Where to Find Financial Assistance

No surprise that breaking into the top five in this list is an article about ADS-B. As the FAA’s ADS-B Out mandate creeps closer, the pressure to equip in the near future is mounting. In this article, Robert Moorman explores what general aviation aircraft owners/operators need to do to comply with the mandate.


Photo courtesy of COMAC

4. 9 New Aircraft That Could Fly in 2017

Now that 2017 is over, we can see which aircraft did actually take to the skies. But in February, we took a cue from CNN and wrote down nine aircraft that were expected to reach milestones.

Boeing 777x

Boeing 777x. Photo courtesy of Boeing

3. 777X: Advancing Avionics

At No. 3 on our list is an article about Boeing’s 777X and the new technologies it will bring to the market when it enters service. That isn’t expected to be until 2020. But in this article, we get a sneak peak at what the avionics should look like.

AirQuadOne. Photo courtesy of Neva Aerospace

2. 7 Future Aircraft Concepts That Could Change Aviation

Is it wise to take seriously every single new flying car concept that makes its rounds on the internet? Maybe not. But there are a few worth the attention. In our second most-read article of 2017, we look at seven futuristic concepts that could change the way we fly.

Dept. of Homeland Security headquarters. Photo, courtesy of DHS.

1. Boeing 757 Testing Shows Airplanes Vulnerable to Hacking

A big “thank you” is owed to one of our sister publications. Our most-read article of 2017 comes from reporting done by Defense Daily’s Calvin Biesecker. It was revealed during an event held by another sister publication, Via Satellite, that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was able to — successfully — hack a Boeing 757. Cybersecurity is a hot topic for a reason.

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