Panasonic Avionics, Singapore Airlines Team for Personalized IFEC

By S.L. Fuller | November 3, 2017
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Panasonic Avionics Corp. and Singapore Airlines have eight new personalization solutions for the airline’s in-flight entertainment offering, Panasonic said.

Features include passenger login at the seat; playlist, bookmark, language preference storage and wallpaper customization between flights; customized and personalized entertainment spotlights; popular, trending and recommended content; and exclusive content based on frequent-flier tier, the company said.

“MyKrisWorld embraces Panasonic’s vision for IFEC, which centers around the concept of ‘the Internet of Me,’ taking all of the things that people care about and bringing them together to deliver personalized and contextualized experiences,” Panasonic said.

These features are powered by Panasonic’s actionable analytics. The solution allows passengers to use the airline’s app or website before boarding their flights to preview content and create their customized playlist. Then once on board, they can either synchronize their mobile devices or login at their seat to access the pre-selected content. Using crowdsourced data, the system can suggest other popular titles and make recommendations based on a passenger’s habits and what’s trending on that particular flight.

“What is truly exciting is that we were able to leverage Singapore Airlines’ previous investment in our eX3 system and introduce this new suite of personalized experiences,” said Hideo Nakano, Panasonic Avionics CEO.

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