UK Firms Partner for Fast IFE iPad Charging, Data Transfer

By Staff Writer | August 23, 2017
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ipad3 JetpackIFE

Image courtesy of JetPack IFE

The U.K.’s Cambrionix and JetPack IFE are partnering to create hardware for in-flight, iPad-based in-flight entertainment (IFE) solutions, Cambrionix said.

“Airlines which deploy iPad-based IFE need to be able to charge and transfer data to and from iPads between each flight and wipe any customer specific data, such as web browsing history, from the iPad securely,” Cambrionix said. “This can pose a significant problem with traditional hardware and software, which can be slow and insecure.”

Cambronix’s ThunderSync allows for fast, intelligent charging for the iPad, as well as fast data transfer using an Apple Thunderbolt host interface, the company said. According to Cambrionix, this equates to an increase in media transfer speed of more than 1,000% when compared to similar USB based products.

JetPack IFE’s proprietary VisionIFE is, according to the company, is the “first” iPad IFE platform to meet the necessary security criteria to secure Hollywood “early window” content.

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