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SyberJet Selects GH-3900 For SJ30

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | May 23, 2014
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[Avionics Today May 23, 2014] SyberJet selected the GH-3900 Electronic Standby Instrument System as part of the avionics suite for its SJ30 family of aircraft, L-3 Aviation Products (L-3 AP) announced at the 2014 European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE). 

The rights to the SJ30 business jet were acquired by SyberJet in 2011 from Emivest Aerospace after the company filed for bankruptcy and ceased production in 2010.  Since then, SyberJet has announced a redesign of the SJ30 with an upgraded avionics suite, "SyberVision," provided by Honeywell. 
Along with the GH-3900, the SyberVision cockpit will also feature L-3’s ADC-4000 Air Data Computer and MAG-3000 Magnetometer. 

According to Ralph DeMarco, vice president of sales and marketing for L-3 AP, the redesigned SJ30i is "slated to enter service next year." 

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