Aeron Wants to Make Flight Hour Logging Electronic, Based on Blockchain

By Staff Writer | August 10, 2017
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Aeron is launching a blockchain solution for logging training and flight hours, the company said. This smartphone app would replace the manual act of logging flight hours on paper.

“The point of a flight log is to monitor the progressive experience of a pilot. This is one of the ways that determines when a pilot can be licensed,” Aeron said. “As an example, to become a licensed private pilot, the FAA requires 40 flight hours to acquire experience and skill. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the logs are authentic.”

Aeron is developing a decentralized database and online system that would host global data on aircraft, flight schools and pilots. The company said that since these logs can be verified online, it could improve safety.

The company said it plans to work with national aviation authorities and international agencies, like EASA and the FAA, to “promote acceptance” of blockchain-based electronic record keeping.

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