Singapore Airlines Taps IBM for Fly Now, Roster iOS Apps

By Staff Writer | May 19, 2017
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Singapore Airlines Group is set to use MobileFirst for iOS apps, IBM said. The airline’s pilots should have access to Fly Now and Roster for iPad by mid-June.

“A smooth and safe flight is always a top priority for airlines. Today, we are seeing forward-thinking airlines like Singapore Airlines investing in digital technologies like the MobileFirst for iOS, which integrates analytics with mobile apps, to improve efficiencies and enhance the passenger flying experience,” said Dee Waddell, global managing director for IBM Travel & Transportation. “Equipping the pilots with the Fly Now and Roster apps on the iPad offers them ease of access to pertinent information at their fingertips, which helps them make more informed and quicker decisions. Our relationship with Singapore Airlines demonstrates their continued commitment to innovation and always putting their customers first.”

Fly Now can house the flight plan, pilot check-in and specific aircraft-related information, and provides a location for collaboration with other crewmembers, access to technical and operational circulars, and historical reports. With Roster, a pilot can see a 60-day view of his or her assigned flights. The app also shows alert-based tracking of the pilot’s upcoming expirations for visas, passports and other related certifications.

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