Jeppesen, Teledyne Team for FliteDeck Pro Enhancement

By Staff Writer | May 2, 2017
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Jeppesen20Mobile20FliteDeck20WindowsJeppesen and Teledyne Controls have teams to enhance FliteDeck Pro, Jeppesen said. The Jeppesen electronic flight bag would be integrated with Teledyne’s GroundLink Comm+ system with aircraft interface device (AID) functionality, or GroundLink AID+.

“Advances gained through use of Teledyne’s GroundLink AID+ technology will continue the wave of new capabilities delivered through FliteDeck Pro to help operators access and process critical flight data,” said Scott Reagan, director of Jeppesen OEM client management. “Based on strong customer demand for this capability, we are pleased to team with Teledyne Controls to connect FliteDeck Pro with additional data sources, creating more intelligent capabilities on the ground and in the air.”

GroundLink AID+ provides airlines with real-time, GPS-based, ownship position on navigational charts, enroute and weather maps, and arrival charts in FliteDeck Pro. There are already 10,000 GroundLink units flying.

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