P&WC Has a New ‘Virtual’ Engine Maintenance Technology


P&WC PW150 engine. Photo: P&WC.

P&WC PW150 engine. Photo: P&WC.

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) unveiled its new virtual engine maintenance technology on Monday at Heli Expo 2017. The new solution uses Librestream’s Insight field collaboration technology capable of connecting aircraft technicians with P&WC engineers and experts when performing engine maintenance in the field.

The Canadian engine manufacturer says the new solution, which is accessed via a software app installed on the remote expert’s computer and the customer’s smartphone, can save up to 12 hours by delivering virtual on-site support and technical expertise to technicians where and when they need it.

In addition to live video and audio, the platform includes features such as borescope connectivity, remote-camera control (camera angle, lighting, etc.), on-screen drawing and image sharing.

“We continue to invest in technologies and solutions that enable proactive and predictive maintenance and data-driven decisions that positively impact our customers’ bottom line through increased aircraft availability and reduced costs,” said Timothy Swail, Vice President, Customer Programs, P&WC.

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