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Cessna Announces Avionics, Engines for Cessna Hemisphere Jet

By Juliet Van Wagenen | October 31, 2016
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Cessna Hemisphere
Cessna Hemisphere. Photo: Cessna

[Avionics Magazine 11-01-2016] Cessna has announced that its large-cabin business jet, the Citation Hemisphere, will be powered by Safran Aircraft Engine’s latest-generation Silvercrest engine, operated with Honeywell Aeropsace’s advanced Primus Epic cockpit technologies and integrated with full fly-by-wire flight control system incorporating components provided by Thales.

The Hemisphere will seat up to 19 passengers and will be powered by two Safran Silvercrest engines. It will come equipped with Honeywell’s advanced Primus Epic. fully integrated cockpit solution. Honeywell’s cockpit technology includes with a transoceanic flight management system coupled with SmartView for lower minimums and precision inertial reference sensors. The latest Primus Epic cockpit will provide pilots with a 3D view of the outside world in challenging weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow to improve situational awareness.

Cessna expects first flight of the Citation Hemisphere in 2019.

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