Air New Zealand’s 787 Fleet Now ELB Enabled

By Juliet Van Wagenen | February 9, 2016
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Electronic logbook in cockpit
Electronic logbook in cockpit. Photo: Boeing

[Avionics Today 02-09-2016] Boeing has fully integrated its Electronic Logbook (ELB) within Air New Zealand‘s 787 Dreamliner fleet, replacing paper logbooks with electronic records that improve operational efficiency and reliability.

The ELB runs on the airplane’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and onboard server system to collect airplane flight data and crew-observed fault input, sharing that information with technicians and maintenance systems on the ground while the airplane is still en route. Ground crews, along with needed parts and documentation, can then be stationed at the gate to perform needed maintenance as soon as the airplane lands, maximizing maintenance process efficiency and minimizing passenger delays.

“Advances in digital technology, such as the ELB, provide a more data-driven predictive maintenance process. With this capability we can proactively troubleshoot and quickly solve maintenance items, further driving improvements in reliability and on-time performance,” said David Morgan, Air New Zealand chief flight operations and safety officer.

Air New Zealand is among the initial airlines that have gained operational approval for use of the Electronic Logbook application with the 787 Dreamliner. The airline currently operates a fleet of six 787-9s, with an additional six on order.

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