Aspen Avionics Connected Panel Wireless Cockpit System Sees US Patent

By Juliet Van Wagenen | October 13, 2015
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Aspen Avionics connected panel wireless cockpit system concept
Aspen Avionics connected panel wireless cockpit system concept. Photo: Aspen Avionics

[Aviation Today 10-13-2015] Aspen Avionics has been awarded a United States patent for its connected panel wireless cockpit system. Aspen first applied for the patent in 2011 and it stands as the industry’s only FAA-certified and patented avionics technology to safely interface wirelessly with non-certified mobile devices such as the Apple iPad or Android devices before, during and after flight, according to the company.

“Early on in 2010, we realized we were witnessing an historic and rapid transformation of how non-certified wireless devices, such as the iPad, coupled with flight planning applications were being used in the cockpit. We … recognized that we could transform the way pilots fly by establishing two-way wireless communications with these devices to certified avionics to help the pilot with a number of tasks, including flight planning, weather, and information management,” said John Uczekaj, Aspen president and CEO.

Aspen’s Connected Panel technology wirelessly streamlines maintenance logging, data loading and flight planning activities.

Shortly after Connected Panel’s aftermarket introduction, which enabled wireless transmission of flight plans from an iPad to certified avionics and Garmin’s GNS400W/500W series of GPS navigators with software version 3.30 or earlier, Aspen also won key Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) positions on the Pilatus PC-12NG and PC-24 as part of Honeywell’s Primus Apex integrated cockpit and Universal Avionics’ InSight Integrated Flight Deck.

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