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By Juliet Van Wagenen | October 2, 2015
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With APEX in full swing this week you might think that IFE and IFC are the only things making headlines, but have you kept up with the landmark agreement between the FAA and two other regulatory bodies announced this week? If you know what we’re on about, get ready to ace this week’s Avionics News Quiz. Good luck!

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Our new Avionics News Quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge on the latest happenings in the aviation industry. Think you're a true aviation geek? Take our quiz and how you stack up this week!
SITA OnAir partnered with which country’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) this week to provide air/ground data Very High Frequency (VHF)-based communication services?





Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE), a company that provides In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and related services to commercial airlines, announced how many contract wins at the Airline Passenger Experience Expo (APEX) in Portland, Ore. this week?





Which airline will be the first in the world to fly the Thales Avant In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) system with an application delivering live news and weather?


SriLanka Airlines



Ultramain Systems, a developer of airline operational software, and Gogo are partnering to connect what application that plans to streamline services between aircraft and ground operations?

An aircraft maintenance app

An app to deliver on-demand food services

A flight crew optimization app

An app to locate lost baggage

It was announced this week that, on Sept. 15, FAA signed agreements with which two international regulatory partners that allow the agencies to rely on each other’s regulatory systems?

Transport Canada and Mexico’s DGAC

EASA and Transport Canada

The U.K. CAA and the Irish Aviation Authority

The Icelandic CAA and the Romanian CAA

Test Your Avionics News Knowledge!
Try out our weekly quiz to see how up you are on Avionics news!
It's been a busy week in the world of aircraft electronics, NextGen, in-flight connectivity and everything in aviation. Have you been keeping up with the latest developments? Test your knowledge here to see how you stack up!
Avionics News Quiz
October 2, 2015
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