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By Juliet Van Wagenen | September 25, 2015
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We hope you haven’t been too busy gearing up for APEX 2015 to keep your eye on the news! With Boeing cozying up to a certain country to help in their attempts to keep pace with skyrocketing air traffic, Inmarsat launching a major bid across Europe and BBA looking to buy out fellow business aviation FBO, Landmark Aviation, it’s been a busy week! Think you’re up on the latest in Aviation? Put your knowledge to the test!

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Try This Week’s Avionics News Quiz!
Our new Avionics News Quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge on the latest happenings in the aviation industry. Think you’re a true aviation geek? Take our quiz and how you stack up this week!
BBA Aviation offered to buy fellow FBO and business jet charter company, Landmark Aviation, for what amount earlier this week?

$2 billion

$1.5 million.

$200 million

$8.6 billion

Boeing hosted which country’s president at its facilities earlier this week, striking several deals to further cooperation between the airframer and the rising aviation industry in the country?



The United States

South Africa

NASA has announced it will test a new software on commercial airline fleets, which ties into an aircraft’s avionics information hub and measures parameters in order to reduce what?

Interference for communications systems

The possibility of a crash due to engine failure

Time and fuel

Unexpected maintenance

Which country rolled out its first F-35 Lightning II fighter jet this week, known as the AM-1?




The U.K.

Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom have announced a strategic partnership to deliver what across Europe?

A new flight tracking technology

A communal airline

A new UAS surveillance system

An in-flight connectivity network

Test Your Avionics News Knowledge!
Try out our weekly quiz to see how up you are on Avionics news!
It’s been a busy week in the world of aircraft electronics, NextGen, in-flight connectivity and everything in aviation. Have you been keeping up with the latest developments? Test your knowledge here to see how you stack up!
Avionics News Quiz
September 25, 2015
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