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Gogo Beefs Up Biz Jet Offerings with ATG-4

By Juliet Van Wagenen | February 4, 2015
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Business passenger uses Gogo ATG-4 in-flight
Business passenger uses Gogo ATG-4 in-flight. Photo: Gogo

[Avionics Today 02-04-2015] Gogo will begin introducing its Air-to-Ground (ATG) connectivity system ATG-4 to the business aviation community. ATG-4 will be available for business aircraft via a new equipment package called ATG 8000 with first shipments expected in April of this year.

Gogo currently offers several other business aviation packages but believes ATG-4 will increase connectivity speed and capacity over these systems. The ATG-4 technology employs onboard directional antennas and dual modems, as well as Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) technology on Gogo's airborne and ground networks.

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