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Easy Data Management for Connected Aircraft Coming from Thompson Aerospace and B/E Partnership

By Juliet Van Wagenen | November 18, 2014
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The 1Netv2 platform
The 1Netv2 platform. Photo: Thompson Aerospace

[Avionics Today 11-18-2014] Thompson Aerospace and the Macrolink division of B/E Aerospace have partnered to launch the second-generation data management platform, 1Netv2. The 1Netv2 builds on its predecessor the 1Net and was developed to meet the security requirements of DO-326 and FIPS 140-2 level 3. The system offers a retrofit solution for commercial aircraft through the addition of a CSUv2 and is being offered to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as a white label Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU), or component to be added to new OEM LRUs.

The technology securely links and moves aircraft data between aircraft systems and cloud-based networks on commercial aircraft. With a single unit, Thompson Aerospace can manage category C and higher data for passenger services such as IFE, Wi-Fi and financial transactions; comprehensive Aircraft Health Monitoring functions; cabin security cameras and cockpit surveillance; as well as Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) during every phase of flight.

“Aircraft have tremendous amounts of data which now can be easily moved to and from the platform. This allows all departments within the airline such as operations, maintenance, marketing and passenger services to be able to collect and utilize this data in real time. We are confident that an IT connected aircraft will be 20 percent less expensive to maintain than existing aircraft,” said Mark Thompson, president and CEO of Thompson Aerospace.

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