Network Access Controller

Data Device Corp. (DDC), of Bohemia, N.Y., unveiled a new version of its FC-75XXX fibre channel network access controller to support High-Speed 1760.

The FC-75211M2 is a two-channel Fibre Channel Network Access Controller PMC card for SAE AS5653, High-Speed 1760, a gigabit-speed communication option for Mil-Std-1760. Each of the card’s two independent channels may operate as an FC-AE-1553 Network Controller or Network Terminal. With its 64-bit 66 MHz PCI Interface, the FC-75211M2 can support simultaneous “line rate” transmission and reception on both channels.

The cards are optimized to meet the deterministic performance, high reliability, and demanding environmental requirements of embedded real-time military applications, as well as the configuration flexibility required for lab use, DDC said. Applications include weapons interfaces, stores management systems, launcher interfaces, along with test and simulation equipment, according to the company. Visit

Circuit Interface

Holt Integrated Circuits, based in Mission Viejo, Calif., introduced HI-3593, a dual-receive, single-transmit integrated circuit, operating from a single +3.3V supply. The integrated circuit interfaces a Serial Peripheral Interface-enabled microcontroller to the ARINC 429 serial bus.

It includes an on-chip DC/DC converter, which generates the bipolar ARINC 429 differential voltage levels needed to directly drive the ARINC 429 bus, using four external capacitors.

The HI-3593 provides two receivers, each with user-programmable label recognition for any combination of 256 possible labels, priority label filtering (using three dedicated priority-label quick-access double-buffered registers) and analog line receiver. Other features include a programmable option of data or parity in the 32nd bit, and the ability to switch the bit-significance of ARINC 429 labels. Visit

Distribution Partnership

EDMO Distributors, of Spokane Valley, Wash., signed a distribution agreement with Trig Avionics, of Edinburgh, Scotland, to distribute Trig’s line of avionics products. Trig manufacturers a line of automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) Out-enabled Mode S transponders, certified in Europe and the United States. Visit

Audio System Contract

German air rescue organization DRF Luftrettung selected the DVCS6100 Digital Audio System from Becker Avionics for its three BK117 helicopters.

The product offers up to eight communication transmit and eight receiver channels, an integrated warning tone generator for up to eight different signals, an amplifier for two cockpit speakers, as well as interfaces for two cockpit voice recorders and a public address amplifier.

The main system components of the DVCS6100 are the Remote Electronic Unit 6100, the Audio Control Unit 6100 and the optional Intercom Amplifier IC3100. Visit

Distributor Agreements

Goodrich Corp., of Charlotte, N.C., awarded distributor agreements to AAXICO, of Miami, and Aviall, of Dallas, for its Sensors and Integrated Systems (SIS) business. Goodrich said it expects the five-year awards to result in reduced lead times and enhanced service for SIS aftermarket customers.

Under the agreements, Aviall will be the distributor for Goodrich de-icing products; AAXICO will be the distributor for all other SIS products including air data products and systems, temperature sensors, potable water and specialty heater products, along with fuel quantity measurement and management systems. Visit

Recording System

Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems introduced its Vortex SAN Recorder Kit (SRK) software-based data recording system for embedded defense and aerospace systems.

The Vortex SRK speeds and simplifies the addition of high-performance data recording and storage functionality to open standards-based laboratory and deployed systems without requiring additional system boards or using an additional system slot. The Vortex SRK is designed for use applications, such as signal intelligence, radar, sonar, FLIR, RF tuners, cameras and image processing. The Vortex SRK is designed for use with open standard architectures, including 3U and 6U CompactPCI, VME, VXS, VPX and OpenVPX-based systems. Visit

Simulator Controller

CH Products, of Vista, Calif., has expanded its USB desktop military training product line to include controllers for military desktop simulation applications.

The CH Reaper Ground Control Simulator Console is a USB desktop training unit designed to meet military training needs at an affordable price, according to the company. This high-fidelity mobile unit offers the form/fit/function and industrial quality required by military standards, according to the company. The console is included as part of a SDS MQ-9 Reaper Mission Training Device Simulator. Visit

Distribution Agreement

ITT Interconnect Solutions, of Santa Ana, Calif., signed a global distribution agreement with Digi-Key Corp., of Thief River Falls, Minn., under which Digi-Key will distribute ITT Cannon products. Products from ITT Cannon are available for purchase on Digi-Key’s websites and will be featured in future print and online catalogs. Visit

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