Ethernet Switch
Acra Control Inc., of Hollywood, Md., launched a ruggedized managed Grandmaster Ethernet switch designed for airborne applications.

The NET/SWI/004 is a lightweight, MIL-STD-810 ruggedized Ethernet switch. It has an embedded Grandmaster that transmits IEEE 1588 PTP precision Time Protocol (PTP) packets to achieve system wide synchronization using time data from a built-in GPS receiver or a digital IRIG-B time source, or via an internal free-running clock. The Grandmaster switch has negligible start up delay due to its microprocessor free operation. Its hard-wired construction provides deterministic functionality that eliminates adaptive behavior resulting in lower latencies than for traditional switches. The NET/SWI/004 is powered from standard 28V aircraft power and has a temperature operating range of -40 to 85°C. Visit

EMI Filter
VPT, Inc., of Blacksburg, Va., introduced an electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter module for distributed power systems. The VPTc10-28 EMI filter satisfies reliability requirements for commercial avionics and military systems, VPT said.

The VPTc10-28 Series EMI filter and transient suppressor combines two modules in one package. The module reduces the reflected noise of DC-DC converters while protecting a power system from inrush current damage and reverse polarity conditions, the company said.

Other features include up to 10 amps of output current; up to 150W of output power; wide input voltage range; and transient operation up to 80V per Mil-Std-704 and 100V per DEF STAN 61-5 Part 6 Issue 5 and Mil-Std-1275. Visit

Downlink Control Panel
Broadcast Microwave Services, of Poway, Calif., introduced a downlink control panel, Model DLC50. The product is ideal for aircraft used for law enforcement, surveillance, and other applications employing a video downlink system, the company said.

The DLC50 can control a transmitter, receiver, antenna actuator, RF power amplifier and several external relays. Transmitter and receiver control is accomplished via dedicated or shared serial ports. Direct configuration of receiver and transmitter is also available via a pass-through serial port located on the DLC50 front panel. Two DLC50s can be connected together to accommodate more than one operator in the aircraft. Visit

Communications System
Becker Avionics, of Baden-Baden, Germany, introduced the DVCS6100 Digital Voice Communications System. The system includes one remote electronic unit, up to six audio control units and optional intercom amplifier for up to 12 passengers. Becker said each of the maximum six audio control units transmits the status of the selected switches and rotary controls via a dual redundant CAN bus to the remote electronic unit. Visit

Mode C Transponder
Sandia Aerospace, of Albuquerque, N.M., introduced a Mode C Transponder with built-in encoder. The STX 165 measures about 7 inches behind the panel depth. The small panel space requirement allows the STX 165 to be mounted outside of the center stack. In addition to displaying transponder code, the STX 165 also displays Pressure Altitude, three timer functions, and with the addition of an optional OAT Probe, outside air temperature, density altitude and icing alert.

Sandia also introduced a remote version, the STX165R, making it ideal for interface to onboard Nav Management systems and for UAV applications. Visit

Amended STC
Avidyne Corp., of Lincoln, Mass., received an amended supplemental type certificate approval for its DFC90 Digital Flight Control System which enables speed-based flight envelope protection.

Avidyne said flight envelope protection is designed to enhance safety by addressing many of the situations that lead to accidents. Available lift and speed margin are calculated constantly whenever any autopilot or flight director modes are in operation. As the aircraft approaches stall, the autopilot gradually reduces bank (if in a turn) and pitch just enough to maintain a 20 percent airspeed margin over the stall speed, while visually and audibly annunciating the condition to the pilot. As a result, departure from controlled flight is prevented with the least impact on achieving mission-level objectives like navigation, climb or approach. Visit

Iridium Transceiver
Garmin International, of Olathe, Kan., introduced the GSR 56 Iridium datalink and GDL 59 data logger and Wi-Fi datalink, offering worldwide weather, voice and data communications.

Garmin’s Iridium-based transceiver, the GSR 56, has worldwide weather capability and informs pilots of METARs, TAFs and winds aloft. Also, radar and satellite imagery are available for the United States, Southern Canada and Western Europe. The system also offers Iridium voice and data service (subscription required). From the cockpit, the dialing interface is provided through the multi-function display (MFD) and incoming call messages are prioritized with other aural messages.

The GDL 59 is a flight parameter recorder that uses a high-speed Wi-Fi transceiver (802.11g) to synch with Wi-Fi hot spots that are within range of the airplane while it is on the ground. The GDL 59 supports transmission of logged data reports, including engine trend and exceedance data and system maintenance data crew advisory system messages. Visit

Broadband Signal System
Aeroflex, Inc., Plainview, N.Y., introduced the CS9000 Broadband Signal System (BSS), which is used to test signal generation and recording for simulation and analysis of advanced communications signals in extreme environments.

The CS9000 is an integrated, modular system comprised of the operational elements of Aeroflex’s Broadband Signal Analyzer and Generator. It can simultaneously generate, monitor, analyze and record hours of complex signals and signal environments. Markets include radio signal environments, radar and electronic warfare development, military and space applications, electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic environment monitoring. Visit

Transponder Certification
ACSS, an L-3 Communications & Thales joint venture company, received FAA certification for its XS-950 Air Transport Data Link (ATDL) Mode S Transponder to DO-260B capability. ACSS said it is the first avionics supplier with DO-260B readiness within its product line. The XS-950 enables automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast capability and Surface Indicating and Alerting. Visit

Sensor Interface Unit
North Atlantic Industries, of Bohemia, N.Y., released the SIU6 Sensor Interface Unit, an Embedded I/O system for remote data acquisition and distribution for large platform monitoring and control system applications.

The system features COTS multifunction I/O boards with an integrated rugged power supply. It allows for different I/O and communications functions such as A/D, D/A, TTL, RTD, Discrete I/O, Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital and LVDT, Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver and DLV, BC/RT/MT Mil-Std-1553, high-speed Sync/Async RS232/422/485, ARINC 429 and CANBus. Visit

CAN Controller
Holt Integrated Circuits, of Mission Viejo, Calif., introduced HI-3110, an ARINC 825-compliant Controller Area Network (CAN) controller with integrated transceiver. It meets the requirements of ISO 11898-1:2003(E) (CAN protocol) and ISO 11898-5 (CAN transceiver). The device communicates with an external microcontroller via a Serial Peripheral Interface. The HI-3110 has numerous modes of operation, including monitor mode, loopback mode and a low-power sleep mode. Other features include 8 maskable ID filters with filtering on the first two data bytes, permanent dominant timeout protection, +/-58V short circuit capability on CANH, CANL and SPLIT pins, and a transmit history FIFO. Visit

Data Loader Software
Data Device Corp. (DDC), of Bohemia, N.Y., introduced an extended Commercial Avionics Utilities Data Bus Analyzer and ARINC 615 Data Loader software support for its line of ARINC 429 PMC, PCI, cPCI/PXI and USB data bus cards.

DDC’s Commercial Avionics Utilities Software is a graphical ARINC 429 data bus analysis and simulation tool with filtering, message scheduling and triggering. Other functions include high/low speed operation with ARINC 575 support, engineering unit conversions, ARINC 429 reconstruction, message labeling and SDI filtering. Visit

Enhanced Vision STC
Max-Viz, of Portland, Ore., received an FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) for installation of its EVS-1500 Infrared Enhanced Vision System on Hawker Beechcraft’s King Air 200 and 300 series. The installation kit includes all components (including IR sensor) and documentation required to install the Max-Viz Enhanced Vision System in King Air aircraft equipped with a video compatible Integrated Display System or standalone display monitor. The installation includes a standard connection for video-capable EFBs that accept and display an NTSC RS-170 analog video feed.

The STC applies to King Airs equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, with software enabled for video display, and includes both the standard and Premier yolk upgrades.


ARINC 600 Connector

Tyco Electronics, of Berwyn, Pa., introduced a re-engineered ARINC 600 receptacle connector for commercial aerospace and military applications. Tyco said it has created the lightest ARINC 600 connector on the market by using a stamped and formed contact system versus traditional, screw-machined system. The stamped system also allowed for selectively plating only the critical socket contact tines with gold instead of the whole contact, decreasing gold plating costs. Visit

Interactive Display Unit
Ducommun, of Carson, Calif., introduced the Multi-Input Interactive Display Unit. The compact system includes 5-inch touchscreen display, mass storage memory and a USB port. The hardware is compatible with embedded versions of Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

The company said the display unit includes four ARINC 429 transmit and eight receive channels, 12 ARINC input and output discrete channels, and standard provisions for wireless communication, Mil-Std-1553 and video. Visit

Caution Warning Panels
Luma Technologies, of Bellevue, Wash., introduced the LT-4500 line of integrated LED Caution Warning panels. The line includes six separate panel sizes, which are installed as a drop-in replaceable, two-panel suite for the model in question. They also provide enhanced EMC/EMI protection. Luma’s LT-4500 offerings are a single integrated unit for either the glareshield or center console positions. All units carry a five-year warranty and NVIS compatible versions are also available. Visit

Surface Management
Sensis Corp., based in Syracuse, N.Y., added Dynamic Rules Alerting for its Aerobahn surface management system. Dynamic Rules Alerting enables airlines and airport owner/operators to create customized event alerts to proactively manage airport surface operations, according to the company. Sensis Aerobahn combines airside operational information, such as flight schedules, with the exact location and identification of aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface for real-time, management of operations. Aerobahn data is archived for playback and analysis, enabling post-event review and processes improvement, the company said. Visit

AS9100 Certification
Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS), of Farmington, Conn., has been AS9100 certified to manufacture stamped parts and springs for the aerospace industry, including safety critical components used in engines, cockpit instrumentation and flight landing systems. CSS manufactures and assembles parts for aerospace applications in specialized materials, including Titanium, Inconel X750 and 600, 17-7 PH, Hastelloy, Waspalloy, Ni-span and Eligiloy. Visit

Ethernet Switch
International Communications Group (ICG), of Newport News, Va., introduced an Ethernet switch that will accommodate and provide power for up to eight Ethernet devices commonly used with aeronautical applications. The ICG e-Switch will provide unmanaged “plug-and-play” devices, including electronic flight bags, handsets, cameras and wireless access points, with basic capabilities such as store and forward data packets, automatic Medium Dependent Interface Crossover support and 10/100 megabytes per second auto speed sensing. It also will provide auto-sensing “Power Over Ethernet” as an 802.3af power source, ICG said. Visit

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