Lockheed Martin Awarded ATP-SE Contract

By Tish Drake | October 22, 2010
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The U.S. Air Force awarded Lockheed Martin a 60 percent share of the Advanced Targeting Pod-Sensor Enhancement (ATP-SE) competition for its Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod system.

Under the terms of this contract, the government has options to buy up to 670 pods through 2017. If all options are exercised, Lockheed Martin’s share of the program will total more than $1 billion. The initial contract value is $23.5 million, which will provide pods for the government’s test program.

Lockheed Martin said its has enhanced Sniper’s sensors for combat identification and two-way datalink for U.S. Air Force and coalition partner F-15s, F-16s, A-10s, B-1s and B-52s.

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