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By | January 1, 2002
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Test Set Catalog
IFR Systems Inc.
, Wichita, Kan., has published a new product catalog, covering the company’s line-up of wireless radio test sets. The catalog includes specs on test sets that cover multiple standards and frequencies, signal sources that produce high-resolution, low-phase, noise carrier signals, and handheld and telecommunications testers. Visit

PMC Module
has introduced a new PCI mezzanine card (PMC) for Mil-Std-1553A/B applications. Called the AMCI1553-x, the PMC module was developed to match the performance and functionality of AIM’s newest PCI-, CPCI-, VME- and VXI-based Mil-Std-1553 cards, which use a common core hardware design. The AMCI1553-x comes with one or two dual-redundant Mil-Std-1553 streams and provides concurrent bus controller, 31 remote terminals and chronological monitoring capabilities. The card’s 733-MHz processors were designed to use low power. Visit

Audio Mixing Amplifier
Richmond, Wash.-based dB Systems Inc. recently introduced a multipurpose audio mixing amplifier, the Model 247. It contains three independent, four-channel mixers with three independent outputs. The inputs can accept audio signals from microphones, headphones, music audio, radio receivers, cockpit voice recorders and aural warning audio. Model 247 installers can select optional microphone bias for each input. The system is Federal Aviation Administration TSO-C50c-approved and qualified to an RTCA DO-160C standard. For more information, visit

Primary Flight Display
A fully integrated, primary flight display for general aviation (GA) aircraft–designed to show flight and engine instrumentation and navigation–has been introduced by Op Technologies in Beaverton, Ore. The FlightOp 200, a 10-by-4-inch color liquid crystal display (LCD), is the first in the line of GA displays that Op Technologies is developing. The FlightOp 200 display and processor are kept separate to give pilots more flexibility in choosing where to mount the displays. Its starting price is $9,600. Visit

Caps and Contacts
Tyco Electronics,
Menlo Park, Calif., recently introduced a new line of heat-shrinkable caps and of solder contacts. The caps were designed for stub splice protection in the preparation and assembly of electrical harnesses. The ES sealing caps provide both strain relief and a permanent seal that can withstand harsh conditions. The caps were designed to be lightweight and easy to install.

Tyco’s one-piece solder contacts are for circular, electrical connectors. Called the Raychem SolderTacts, the contacts require no pre-assembly when terminating coax cables, shielded wires and twisted pairs. The contacts, which contain prefluxed solder, were designed to eliminate the need for separate pins, help reduce crosstalk, and improve shielding effectiveness and signal transmission. The SolderTacts are also available in two- and three-piece designs. Visit

Power Source Testing
California Instruments
, San Diego, has added a new, built-in means to test possible disturbances in its iX series of AC and DC power sources. This new capability includes both the U.S. RTCA/DO-160 and European ED-14D test standards, which aim to guard against voltage anomalies in onboard power systems. Both test standards can be added to single and three-phase iX test systems, using the -160 option. (Key differences between the U.S. and European standards involve testing variable frequency AC equipment.) Visit

Battery Maintenance Trade-In
Christie Electric Co.
, a division of Marathon Power Technologies Co., has announced a trade-in program for RF80-H, RF80-GT, Superceder or PCA 131 battery maintenance systems. With a swap, customers can either receive $500 towards the purchase of a new RF80-K or Universal-60 battery charger/analyzer or request that Marathon donate their old unit to a trade school. Visit or

Signal Processor Board
Radstone Technology
, Towcaster, England, has introduced its G4DSP signal processor board, designed for high-level performance such as for radar and sonar signals. It contains four MPC-7400 compute nodes, each comprising 128 megabytes (Mbytes) of SDRAM, 18 Mbytes flash memory, 2 Mbytes L2 cache memory, and an IBM-CPC710 64-bit/66MHz PCI bridge for internode communications. The latter feature offers 528 megabytes/sec (peak) node-to-node bandwidth between adjacent processor pairs. Visit

Multimeter Accessories
A new line of accessories for low-energy test and measurement instruments has been developed by Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash. These items include electronic test probes with replacement tips, test probe adapter kit, patch cords, patch cord kits, minihook test leads, microhook test leads, minipincer test leads, hook and pincer kit, double- banana plug kit and test lead holder. The accessories were designed for use with test meters made by Fluke and other companies. They are meant to provide everything needed to install, maintain and troubleshoot electronic circuitry and components. Visit

Cable Assemblies
Aved Electronics
, Lowell, Mass., recently unveiled its new custom-manufacturered coaxial and triaxial cable assemblies. The assemblies feature TFE or PVC jackets and insulation materials. Programmable cutting and stripping and the selection of proper, watertight connectors will assure that assemblies meet mil-spec standards. They are available with such connector types as BNC, TNC, SMA and N.Visit

Flight Deck Organizer
Northstar Technologies
, Acton, Mass., offers two models of its "electronic flight bags," the CT-1000A and CT-1000G. These flight deck organizers, both sunlight readable, include a 5-gigabyte hard drive and Pentium I 233-MHz processor. They interface with Jeppesen’s JeppView FliteDeck and other aviation software applications. The organizers come with a mounting cradle with an attached power pack for fixed positioning in the cockpit. The CT-1000G is comparable to the CT-1000A but has modifications tailored to corporate and commercial pilots. It also can include a carry-on kit, with kneeboard assembly, for pilots who feel they don’t have room in the cockpit for a mounting cradle. Visit

Emergency Locator Transmitter
A new G-series emergency locator transmitter (ELT) has been introduced by Artex Aircraft Supplies, a Chelton Group company. Operating on 121.5, 243.0 and 406.025 MHz, the new ELT can transmit latitude and longitude information to the SARSAT satellite system, using Artex’s ELT-to-nav interface. Priced at $1,600, the ELT was designed to make rescue technology available to general aviation pilots. Visit

Signal Conditioner Amplifier Hades Manufacturing Corp., Farmingdale, N.Y., announced its ruggedized NCA150 thermocouple signal conditioner amplifier that operates over an ambient temperature range of —40 to 85 degrees C. Aimed at military and aerospace applications, the device accepts low-level input span from thermocouples, strain gauges and other sources and provides output of 0-1-, 0-5- or 0-10 volts DC. (The input temperature span is preset at the factory.) The solid state thermocouple reference junction is accurate to 0.25 degree C. Hades says the NCA150 case is explosion-proof and that the unit meets Mil-E-5400 environmental requirements. The product is priced at $695.70 for quantities of one to nine units. Visit

Single-Board Computer
Pittsburgh-based PEP Modular Computers has announced the CP303, which it claims to be the first Mobile Pentium II-M-based system controller board optimized for high-end network and graphics performance in embedded applications. The CP303 offers either a 1066-MHz or 800-MHz processor available in single-slot (4HP) and two different double-slot (8HP) configurations. The system features the Intel 82559ER 10/100Base Ethernet controller and Intel 82801 I/O controller Hub-2, which incorporates an additional 10/100 Base Ethernet controller, two ATA 100 interfaces and two USB controllers. Visit

Microwave Switch Plug-In
Racal Instruments Inc.
, Irvine, Calif., has launched a new one- and two-slot microwave switch plug-in for testing microwave radios, satcom signals and military surveillance systems. The 1260-160B is a one-slot plug-in with two single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relays; the 1260-160E is a two-slot plug-in with five SPDT relays. Both are usable in either the Adapt-a-Switch 1260-100, VXI carrier or the 1256, GPIB/RS-232 switching mainframe.

The plug-ins boast an 18-GHz bandwidth and 5-million-operation minimum switching life, which Racal says enables users to switch high-density signals in only two VXI slots. Drivers are included for LabWindows/CVI and LabView for VXI applications. The units are priced from $1,595 and require 12 weeks for delivery. Visit

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