ESA Taps Spire to Design Space-Based Aircraft Surveillance System

By Rachel Jewett | July 31, 2023
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The European Space Agency awarded a €16 million phased contract to Spire Global Inc. for the EURIALO project.  (Photo: Via Satellite/ Media)

The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded Spire Global a contract to design an aircraft surveillance system. It is a 16 million euro phased contract for a project called EURIALO, which is mainly funded by the German Space Agency, DLR.

Spire will design a satellite constellation in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) that would track aircraft by determining their exact position based on different times of arrivals of radio frequency (RF) signals. Under this contract, Spire would also launch a demonstration mission, and there is a potential opportunity to be selected to build out the full constellation.

ESA said that current surveillance systems use aircraft self-reported positions from GNSS satellites, and an additional solution will increase reliability and resiliency.

Spire has a newly established German subsidiary and will be opening an office in Munich. The company will lead a consortium of major industry players for the contract, including ESSP (European Satellite Services Provider), a communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) services provider.

“Space-based aircraft tracking and geolocation is the future of air traffic management to ensure safe, secure and sustainable air travel at a global scale,” said Spire CEO Peter Platzer. “We are honored to be selected by ESA to lead the development of this first-of-its-kind aviation surveillance system demonstrator.”

Spire also recently announced the launch of DeepVision, a weather monitoring and alerting solution designed to improve global weather awareness for industries such as energy, supply chain, and logistics.

This article was originally published by Via Satellite, a sister publication to Avionics International. It has been edited. Click here to read the original version >>

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