Gogo Unveils Hughes-Built Antenna for LEO Broadband for Business Aviation

By Rachel Jewett | May 31, 2023
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Shuaib Shahid (left), head of international sales for Gogo, and Mark Sander (right), senior vice president of sales, with the newly announced Gogo Galileo FDX antenna on the right and the smaller Gogo Galileo HDX antenna on the left. (Photo: Gogo)

Gogo is rolling out a new electronically steered antenna (ESA) for business aviation to enable broadband from Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, FDX. It is the second antenna in its Gogo Galileo product line and will be manufactured by Hughes Network Systems. Gogo designed and engineered both antennas in close collaboration with Hughes.

This follows after Gogo Business Aviation announced a LEO broadband service for business aviation using the OneWeb network in May 2022. At the time, Gogo announced an HDX antenna, also built by Hughes, designed with a small form factor to fit on any size business aircraft.

Gogo shifted its IFC focus to business aviation following the sale of its commercial aviation segment to Intelsat in late 2020.

The FDX antenna announced Tuesday is designed to fit on larger aircraft. Gogo President and COO Sergio Aguirre said the FDX antenna will maximize the capacity and performance of the OneWeb network for nearly 8,000 global heavy jet operators.

Gogo said that when it launches, the Galileo service will offer the “fastest and highest capacity” in-flight connectivity products in North America by combining LEO and 5G.

“With the introduction of the FDX antenna, our Avance platform now offers a complete portfolio of North American air-to-ground (ATG) and global LEO products to meet the unique needs of each segment of the business aviation market,” Aguirre said. “We have solutions to fit any aircraft size, flying any mission, whether the owner is focused on value, high performance, or redundancy, all coupled with our award-winning customer support.”

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